Honda Ridgeline B1 Service

When your Honda’s maintenance minder system displays the B1 service code, it’s a reminder that it’s time for an oil change. Without proper lubrication, your engine’s parts will start to wear out more quickly and create friction that can raise your fuel consumption.

The B1 service includes an oil change and filter replacement, along with tire rotation. You should have these services done at least every 12 months or 5,000 miles.

Oil Change

Your car’s engine uses oil to lubricate key parts. These include the crank shaft, connecting rods and pistons inside of a vehicle’s cylinders.

The oil helps keep the components moving without overheating or seizing. It also helps protect your engine from rust, corrosion and wear.

Our certified technicians at honda ridgeline b1 service will replace your oil filter and add the correct amount of oil for your specific make and model. We use a top-quality oil and filter combination that is designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

We will also inspect your oil, filter, and other essential fluids for condition. This includes your engine oil, transmission oil and coolant.

Our technicians will also perform a mechanical inspection of your brake pads and rotors, your brake fluid, hoses, steering and suspension components, driveshaft boots and other vital systems. This will ensure that your Honda will run smoothly and safely.

Filter Change

The filter change part of honda ridgeline b1 service is a must do at least once a year. Not only does it help your engine perform at its best, but it also helps save you money in the long run by reducing the amount of fuel that’s wasted on wasted fuel. This is the cheapest, easiest and most efficient way to keep your car running smoothly and in peak condition. Having this done at regular intervals will keep your Honda Ridgeline humming along for years to come.

Having this done in the best possible way is one of the many services that we offer here at Metro Honda in Mercer. Whether you’re in the market for an oil change or a full-service car wash, our trained team members are here to help. Our service specials make it easy for you to get the most bang for your buck. You can even book your appointment online with our convenient scheduling tool.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a vital part of the maintenance process for any vehicle. It helps tires wear evenly, which can prolong the life of your tires and ensure they perform their best.

It also promotes smoother rides and maintains efficiency, which can help you get the most from your vehicle. You can schedule your tire rotation at our Honda dealership or a nearby service center to ensure your car’s tires are in tip-top shape for years to come.

The rate at which tires wear is influenced by many factors, such as the weight of the vehicle and your drivetrain’s position on the vehicle. Rotating tires regularly can help keep the wear level even and prevent uneven tread depth, which can reduce road traction and increase your chances of losing control in wet or icy weather conditions.

Depending on your vehicle’s tire configuration and drivetrain, there are several different rotation patterns. The standardizing body for the tire industry, the Tire & Rim Association, recommends three rotation patterns that cover most vehicles. These include the “Rearward Cross,” the “Forward Cross,” and the “X-Pattern.”

Mechanical Inspection

If you see the B1 service code in your dashboard, you’re due for an oil change and a mechanical inspection. This is a comprehensive process that can keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

In addition to an oil change, your car will need to have a mechanic check the engine and drivetrain components. This will include inspecting brake pads and rotors, hoses, steering and suspension parts, driveshaft boots, and exhaust system.

This service is recommended once every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or 6 months. Having a mechanical inspection done on your Honda Ridgeline at this time can help to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely, which is crucial for safe driving in the Sharon area!

If you need a professional to handle your car’s maintenance needs, come see the team at Shenango Honda. We’re proud to offer a fully modernized service center with the tools, diagnostics, and equipment necessary to make sure your vehicle gets the care it deserves. No matter if it’s routine maintenance like an oil change or major repairs and service – our factory-certified Honda technicians will take great care of your vehicle using Genuine Honda parts and components!

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