How The Maintenance Minder System Works On Your 2013 Honda Civic

Honda makes scheduling maintenance appointments a breeze with their Maintenance Minder system. This onboard diagnostics device displays various codes to alert you when service is due for your car.

The B1 code, for instance, indicates your car requires an oil change and tire rotation. If this alert appears on your dashboard, make sure you bring your vehicle in ASAP!

Oil Change

Maintaining your engine oil is critical for optimizing the performance of your Honda’s engine. Dirty oil circulates dirt particles and sludge throughout, impairing its efficiency. Furthermore, dirty oil increases fuel consumption, forcing your Honda’s engine to work harder in order to meet all of your driving demands.

To prevent this, it’s recommended that your Honda’s oil be changed at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles. This doesn’t take a lot of time or money but can have an immense effect on the health and performance of your car.

The Maintenance Minder System on most new Honda vehicles alerts you when it’s time for certain maintenance services. It takes into account your mileage and driving habits to generate A and B codes that provide helpful information about what type of service your vehicle requires.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is an essential service that ensures the rubber on your tires wears evenly, cutting down on car ownership costs and improving safety, since uneven tread wear could make it difficult to control your vehicle on wet roads.

Maintenance Minder will adjust your schedule as necessary, typically every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. For instance, if the oil life indicator indicates it’s already time for a tire rotation, the system will move it up on its schedule instead of having you come back in 1,000 miles or delaying until 5,500 more have elapsed.

Maintaining your car’s auto maintenance is essential, no matter the model. At Sheehy Honda, our experts will inspect your Honda and notify you if service is due; plus, take advantage of our monthly savings coupons to save even more on service!

Mechanical Inspection

When your dashboard displays the Honda B1 service code, it’s a sign that it’s time for an oil change and mechanical inspection. This code is part of Honda’s Maintenance Minder system which utilizes algorithms that alert when maintenance is necessary based on engine operating conditions and mileage.

Timely servicing of your vehicle is essential to keep it running optimally on Zephyrhills roads and prevent costly repairs in the future. That is why Shenango Honda provides experienced service technicians to guarantee your car receives all the attention it needs to perform optimally.

In addition to the standard oil and filter change, our service experts will also inspect brake pads, rotors, fluid, driveshaft boots, hoses, and other components. This helps your mechanic identify any potential issues before they arise and prepare you for them in the future.

Comprehensive Inspection

A code on your dashboard usually means your vehicle needs maintenance. Honda has made this process simpler with their Maintenance Minder system, which replaces recommended service schedules with a computer-based algorithm that alerts you when it’s time for service.

The Honda Maintenance Minder System will notify you when it’s time for oil changes and filter changes, as well as a mechanical inspection. It also keeps an eye on engine oil life which will gradually diminish with driving.

As part of our B1 service, our auto mechanics will inspect all your brake pads, rotors and calipers. Additionally, they’ll check fluid levels, inspect hoses and driveshaft boots as well as exhaust and fuel lines and connections for damage.

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