What Is A B1 Service?

If your dashboard displays a B1 service, that means your car requires both an oil change and mechanical inspection. Discover what this service entails in this article, then bring your Honda into Apostolakis Honda in Youngstown for all its necessary upkeep!

The Honda Maintenance Minder system is an onboard diagnostics program that monitors several factors to determine when service is due. It will display a message on your dashboard when it’s time for engine oil replacement or other necessary services like tire rotation.

Engine Oil Change

The Honda maintenance minder system is an invaluable piece of technology, alerting you when an oil change is due every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Additionally, it suggests getting a basic mechanical inspection during this same timeframe.

Engine oil changes are essential services for your car’s health and performance. Your mechanic will replace the engine oil with high-quality Honda product, and also inspect the air filter for any leaks or damage.

Your mechanic will also inspect your tires for wear, abrasion and damage; inspect the steering gear box, tie rod ends and driveshaft boots; as well as check fluid levels and hoses.

When your Honda maintenance minder light illuminates and you see a B1 code, it means you need an oil change, filter change, tire rotation and mechanical inspection. Your mechanic will reset the light once they complete these services.

Tire Rotation

When you spot a Honda B1 service code displayed on your dashboard, it indicates that an oil change and mechanical inspection are due. Additionally, it indicates that your tires need to be rotated.

Maintaining your tires helps to ensure their rubber is even, decreasing your cost of ownership and extending their life. Furthermore, it improves fuel economy by eliminating overinflated or underinflated tires.

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Engine Inspection

Your engine is one of the most essential components of your vehicle, so it’s essential that it receives regular maintenance. Your service advisor will conduct a multi-point inspection to guarantee your engine remains in top condition and all fluids are at proper levels.

No matter if you own a Honda or another car, regular oil changes and filter replacements are essential parts of Honda’s comprehensive scheduled maintenance program. These services help ensure your engine runs efficiently and safely, helping to extend the life of your engine.

Additionally, you should perform a tire rotation on your car at least once every 12 months. This will guarantee all four tires are properly positioned and prevent uneven wear, thus extending their tread life.

Finally, have your car’s brake inspection performed at least once every six months. This includes checking front and rear brake pads and rotors for signs of wear or cracks; additionally, your mechanic should inspect hoses, calipers and drive shaft boots as well.

Brake Inspection

Your vehicle’s brake system consists of many parts that work together to stop your car. They use friction to bring it to a complete halt, so it’s essential that you have its brake system inspected regularly for optimal performance.

At Midas Shop for a brake inspection, we’ll inspect all of your vehicle’s essential parts. That includes taking apart wheel cylinders, calipers and pads to detect any damage or distortion which could indicate an adjustment issue.

After that, we’ll dip a test strip into the brake fluid to assess its condition. Brake fluid acts as a lubricant that helps brake pads and rotors slide smoothly over one another.

We’ll also inspect your rotors, which are attached to each of your wheels. They play a critical role in maintaining your braking system and should be examined for wear patterns and heat cracks. If they appear too worn-out, replacement is necessary.

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