What İs Honda B1 Service And How Does İt Work

If the b1 mark you see on the panel of your Honda is lit, your vehicle needs both an oil change and a mechanical inspection. You can discover what this service is all about in this article. Then you can bring your Honda to the nearest Honda service in your city and have the necessary maintenance done.

What is the Honda maintenance minter system about, this system is a program that calculates when you need to go to the service and diagnoses by examining various factors. It will show you a message on your dashboard to see when your tire maintenance and other services are due.

When To Change Engine Oil

The Honda maintenance panel is an invaluable technological aid that lets you know when an oil change is required every 5,000 to 12,500 miles. It also recommends that a mechanical inspection should be performed.

Changing the engine oil on time is a fundamental reason for your vehicle’s engine health and performance, so your mechanic will replace the engine oil with quality Honda products, check your air filters and let you know if there are any problems.

Technicians will also check the condition of your tires, inform you about these issues in advance for your road safety, and warn you in case of wear on your tires.

You can understand that your Honda has been serviced, with the b1 code on your panel, your mechanic will reset the b1 code on your honda after completing the maintenance.

How Do You Know Tire Rotation?

When you see the b1 service code on the instrument cluster, it means the vehicle needs an oil change and additional tire rotation.

Maintaining your tires regularly and in good condition plays an important role in both your road safety and fuel economy.

For this reason, when you see your b1 service code, even if it is not time to change the oil, it is useful to check the tire rotation and contact a workshop if necessary.

How İs The Engine Inspection?

We would like to remind you how important engine health is for your vehicle, whether you have a Honda or another vehicle, engine checks should be done on time and regularly.

Regular and timely oil changes and other necessary checks are very important for the health of your engine.

Also, have the brakes checked every six months. You should definitely check the condition of the brake pads and rotors and replace them in case of wear. Your mechanic is already checking the hoses, calipers and driveshaft shoes and will let you know.

What İs Brake Inspection

The brake system is one of the most important systems that must work to stop your vehicle, and timely maintenance is required for this system to work properly. Because brake systems are friction driven systems, regular maintenance is essential for optimum performance.

When you take your Hond to the service, many systems that you do not see are examined in the background and their conditions are evaluated. The brake system is one of them, brake maintenance is critical, wear patterns and heat cracks are examined, and brake fluid is tested. If wear is detected during these checks, the necessary part should be replaced.

Maintenance-free braking systems lose their function over time and can give the driver a hard time. For this reason, it is very important that you go to your service at the service time and have the necessary maintenance done.

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